Octopus carpaccio on corn salad with fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar 11.00€

Beef carpaccio on the garden salad with roasted pine nuts and parmesan 10.50€

Mozzarella cheese with tomato slices, black olives, capres and basil pesto 8.00€


Pumpkin soup with pumpkins and pumpkin oil 3,50€

Coconut soup with gambers, shards and lime 4,20€

Beef soup with noodles   2.50€

Daily soup    2.80€


Risotto of red rice with octopus, capras and young spinach 12,80€

Istrian fuži with truffles and shrimps 12,50 €

House made gnocchi with chicken and basil fist 10,50€

Tortellini tortellini with meat stuffing in a sauce of dry tomato and ricolla 11,00 €


Octopus grilled in garlic mashed potatoes 18,50 €

Fillet of red tuna with salad from chickpeas, courgette and feta cheese 18,00€

Grilled salmon steak wrapped in sesame seeds with sweet potato puree and slices of marinated fennel with lime and olive oil 16,80€

Orada with grilled vegetables and baked potatoes 16,00€

T-bone with baked polenta, dry tomatoes and rocket 25,00€

Rib eye steak with herbal butter and baked potatoes with vegetables 24,00€

Beefsteak wrapped in bacon with eggs on roasted potatoes and glazed carrot beads 22,00€

Grilled roast beef with truffle sauce and house cheese dumplings 18,00 €

Medallion beef fillet with green pepper and home-made cheese dumplings 16,00 €

Medallion beef in prosciutto wrapp with baked polenta with parmesan on tomato concase with courgette 16,00 €

Chicken Tagliata with basilica hub on julienne vegetables with sweet sour sauce 12,70 €


Salad with marinated octopus, potatoes and asparagus 11.00€

Slices of roast beef on a mix salad with mustard dressing,eggs, parmesan cheese    9.50€

Salad with fresh grilled tuna, corn, carrot and red radish   10.00€

Freshly baked salmon with asparagus on a mixed spring salad with yoghurt dressing 9.50€

Salad with shrimp, young spinach and pine nuts and yogurt dressing with ginger   9.00€

Salad with grilled chicken fillet, vegetables and parmesan cheese   8.50€

 Caesar’s salad with shrimps and chicken 10.00€

Grilled cottage cheese with cherry tomato and caper on mixed spring salad with basil dressing 8.50€

Lettuce salad 5,00€
Seasonal salad / large 4.50€

Seasonal salad / medium 2.80€

Seasonal salad / small 1.80€


A chocolate surprise ball 5.00€

Creme brulee   5.00€

Chocolate souffle   4.50€

Strudl  4,50€

Pancakes   4.50€

Raw blueberry pie   3.80€

Avocados panna cotta   5.00€

Chocolate mousse   5.00€

Sorbetto € 4.00