Octopus salad 11,00€
Octopus carpaccio on corn salad with fresh strawberries and balsamic vinegar 11.00€

Beef carpaccio on the garden salad with roasted pine nuts and parmesan 10.50€

Mozzarella cheese with tomato slices, black olives, capres and basil pesto 8.00€


Mushroom soup 4,20€

Beef soup with noodles 3.00€

Daily soup 3.50€


Jakob’s shell on milanese risotto 11,50€

Flambated goose liver with pear 15,00€

Baked mozzarella with prosciutto and basil pesto 10,50€

Bavete with octopus, black olives, capers and spinach 12,80€

Cottage gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese and chicken 11,00€

Idrijski žlikrofi with pancetta and mushrooms 12,70€

Istrski fuži with truffles 12,50€


Tuna steak with roasted courgettes, spinach and feta cheese salad 18,00€

Octopus with garlic puree 20,00€

Sea bass with potatoes and spinach, black olives, capers and cherry tomatoes 16,00€

Orada with grilled vegetables and baked potatoes 16,00€

Salmon fillet with herbal butter on the carrot purée and leek 20,00€

Beef steak with truffles, with puree celery and wine sauce 24,00€

Veal tagliata with herbal butter, baked potatoes with vegetables and feta cheeses 22,00€

Beef ramstek with pepper sauce and cheese dumplings 18,00€

Lamb chops with baked polenta, pear gel and dried pear 24,00€

Pork medallions wrapped with bacon, gratinired with gorgonzola cheese and gnocchi 16,00€

Chicken fillet with roasted vegetables 14,50€


Salad with tuna file, corn, carrotand and red radishes 10,00€

Salmon with marinated fennel and yoghurt dresing with dill 9,50€

Slices of  rosstifs on a mixture of salads with eggs, parmesan and mustard 10,00€

Caesar’s salad with chicken 9,50€

Mexican tortilla salad 9,50€

Lettuce salad 5,00€
Seasonal salad / large 4.50€

Seasonal salad / medium 2.80€

Seasonal salad / small 1.80€


Creme brulee with vanilla ice cream 5,00€

Chocolate souffle 4.50€

Panna cotta with forest fruits 5,00€

Chocolate mousse 5.00€